Youth Sunday

Every few months, we have a Youth Sunday where the young people of the church lead many components of the Worship Service. Also very popular during our Youth Sundays are drama performances done by the Youth Group. Here are several performances from the past  years:  Awesome God (October 2013)  Mary, Did You Know? (Christmas Program 2013)  Arise, My Love (Easter 2014)  Today Is The Day (2014)  The End of the Beginning (MEGA Sports Camp, August 2014)  Tale of Three Trees (October 2014)  One King (Christmas Program 2014) Untitled Hymn (January 2015) Glorious Day @ Upward Youth Sunday (March 2015) The Web (August 2015) That's Not How You Pray (October 2015) O Holy Night (December 2015) Awesome God- Human Video (February 2016) Hello, My Name Is (March 2016)  Arise! (Easter 2016)